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Product Description

The D7132/D7132S, in size of 6.63mm×5.24mm,   are  high-power,high-efficiency quad-band Tx/dual-band Rx  GSM/GPRS FEMs with Dual or Single 3G TRx Port. The modules are self-contained with 50Ω input and output terminals. The module consists of quad-band power amplifiers, dual-band receiving ports and high-linear dual/single 3G TRx port. They are designed for use as the final portion of the transmitter section in GSM/GPRS/3G smart phones and other applications in  824MHz to 849MHz,880MHz to 915MHz, 1710MHz to 1785MHz,1850MHz to 1910MHz bands. The D7132/D7132S, eliminating the need for antenna switch  and matching network, requires no external routing or external components, simplifying layout and reducing board space.

.Ultra-Small 6.63mm×5.24mm Package Size
.Low Profile
.Complete Power Control Solution
.No External Components or Routing
Typical Applications
.3V Dual-Mode GSM/3G Smartphones
.Commercial and Consumer Systems
.Portable Battery-Powered Equipment



Optimum Process Technology Applied





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